August 25, 2017

Help A Sister Up

Are you ready to Help a Sister Up?

There are 74.6 million women at work -- yet only 10 percent of women are part of the global cybersecurity workforce. And with the demand for cybersecurity talent expected to rise to six million globally by 2019, we need to change the way we talk about the cybersecurity industry now.

It's true -- there is a shortage of women in cybersecurity, but there isn’t a lack of talented and strong women. That’s why we’re creating the Help a Sister Up LinkedIn group to serve as a resource to empower women in cyber. This is a complete safe space to ask your fellow infosec pros about industry trends, helpful resources or just to make a personal connection. You may even find a mentor or mentee, which is important on both ends as mentorships help retain women in the industry, and attract them to a cyber career.

Building a more diverse cybersecurity workforce allows us to bring different perspectives and viewpoints when fighting against nefarious hackers. Having a wide range of leadership throughout the industry ultimately results in the best protection for both businesses and individuals.

Want to join in on the conversation? If you are a woman in cyber -- or even looking to explore a career change -- this is the place for you. Click here to join the LinkedIn group (make sure you’re logged in), and let’s Help a Sister Up!