November 27, 2018

The Insider Interview: Rhett Asher, Fortalice Solutions

Insider Interview: Rhett Asher, Fortalice Solutions

Our very own Rhett Asher was recently featured in THE [IN]SIDER newsletter (Cathy Hotka & Associates, LLC). Read the interview below.


Cybersecurity is everything...

Rhett Asher is EVP & Director, Retail Solutions for Fortalice Solutions, LLC. I have known him for many years. I caught up with him recently. 


Tell me about you!

I've been in retail my whole life. Since working in a retail clothing store during high school, and loading trucks for another retailer's warehouse during summers, to working for multiple retailers over the course of 15+ years in my early adulthood; learning, understanding, helping & building relationships in the retail industry has been my life. Over the last 15+ years, I was able to transfer those skills and knowledge of the industry into my roles with several retail trade associations, where I held responsibilities in working with retail executives in loss prevention, operations, crisis management, safety, supply chain & logistics, risk management, and cybersecurity. 


What is the state of retail cybersecurity today?

The state of retail cybersecurity is truly all over the board. Some retailers are more secure than others, but the attacks keep coming from all angles. From outside threats around phishing, vishing (voice phishing), ransomware and gift card fraud to insider threats like social engineering, loose admin credentialing and lack of front-line employee training retention. It's an ever-evolving persistent assault and retailers can't rely solely on a regulatory compliance approach. 


What makes Fortalice different? 

Fortalice is a special company. We are a small boutique white glove service professional services firm with a BIG CREATIVE personality and our main goal is to help protect people & businesses. We don't look at cybersecurity with a check box approach because we know each and every business environment is unique. We focus on the efficacy of security to make sure companies have the right controls in place and they are actually effective. 


You really have a gift, working with people.

I love people. I like knowing what makes people tick and how to make the most out of every encounter. Whether personally or professionally, I always strive to find a way to provide value to each and every relationship. At Fortalice, we are professional secret keepers and we work diligently and creatively to stop bad things from happening, help companies recover quickly if an incident occurs, and get to the heart of the matter in an effort to protect our clients.