Our Company

We are a team of cybercrime fighters protecting against internet predators. We design, develop, and deploy affordable customized services and strategies that fend off the bad guys.

We are a team of techies, geeks, policy wonks, and enthusiastic professionals, who strive to protect people, businesses, and nations against cyber risks.

As a growing, small business there is no job role or function too small for any of us; we look for individuals who are genuinely interested in shaping a young, dynamic, and innovative company. 

Fortalice is a respected, trusted authority on cybersecurity for businesses and the government. Former White House Chief Information Officer (CIO), Theresa Payton, established Fortalice to provide and enhance national and economic security through the delivery of highly-focused, mission-critical cybersecurity solutions for people, business and nations. Theresa’s business partner, Vince Crisler, is a former United States Air Force officer, former White House Communications Agency Presidential Communications Officer, and cybersecurity subject matter expert to Fortune 200 companies.

The Fortalice team represents the highest quality of cybersecurity talent available today. Only Fortalice can provide the right blend of expertise, efficiency, quality, and speed at a price that works for your organization.

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