November 21, 2018

Fortalice Delivers Big Security for the Small Enterprise

Small Business Saturday 2018 is nearly here in both the U.S. (November 24) and the U.K. (December 1), bringing great opportunities to small businesses of all types – and at the same time, bringing an increased threat of cyber attacks.  As a leading cybersecurity firm, we at Fortalice understand that small businesses have to fend off the same malicious attackers, ransomware, digital fraud other threats as bigger organizations – but they don’t have the same budgets as the big guys.  The fact is, cyber criminals don’t distinguish between a Fortune 500 company and a small, local business.  Both of them are fair game.



On this Small Business Saturday, Fortalice is releasing Cyber 360, a solution that delivers an enterprise-grade view of the cyber security posture of your small business, and specific recommendations to eliminate your risk of being a target of cyber crime.  Targeted specifically at commercial businesses between $10 million and $50 million (approx. £8 million to £40 million) in annual revenue, this innovative, low-priced service is a great way for any small business – from multi-unit retailers and shop owners, to accounting firms, law firms, small hospitals and healthcare clinics, educational institutions and others – to get incredible visibility into their current cybersecurity posture, and get easily understandable, actionable recommendations to reduce cyber risk.


Cyber 360 provides the following:

  • A detailed assessment of your organization’s digital security, privacy, resilience and reputation
  • Organized, easy-to-understand information on your cybersecurity posture, collected automatically from dozens of sources including email, website, software patches, DNS, the Dark Web, and others
  • Specific, prioritized and actionable efforts that you can take to reduce risks and ensure that your company doesn’t show up in headlines for the wrong reason
  • Cyber 360 includes a comprehensive, one-on-one review of your report and recommendations with a certified Fortalice cybersecurity expert
Cyber Risk Scorecard

Cyber 360 delivers a straightforward letter grade (‘A’ – ‘F’) scale for your organization’s risk

Dark Web Scanning

Cyber 360 scans the Dark Web, identifying usernames, email addresses and passwords that have been compromised and represent a real threat to your organization

Cyber Posture Comparisons

Cyber 360 provides a comparison of your cybersecurity posture to other organizations and industries, so you can quickly see how you compare to peers


Every business needs to protect their digital footprint.  With Cyber 360 from Fortalice, small businesses can quickly and affordably gain insight into their cyber risks and get a fully customized plan of action to implement cost-effective measures and eliminate the points of attack that cyber criminals and malware will look to exploit.


For more information about Cyber 360, or to schedule your Cyber 360 assessment, contact us today at, or call us anytime at 877.487.8160.