The critical manufacturing sector, which the Department of Homeland Security classifies as critical infrastructure, is responsible for ensuring that American manufacturing function without disruption. An attack on the critical manufacturing sector could be devastating, as it would have an impact on the other fifteen critical infrastructure sectors.

Cyber Challenges for the Critical Manufacturing

The critical manufacturing sector is highly concerned with the theft of its intellectual property. As noted in the news, U.S. government and vendor reports, nation state actors routinely target the research and development and manufacturing backbone of this nation. In 2015, the critical manufacturing sector saw the number of cyber security incidents double from the previous year.

critical manufacturing

Fortalice’s Expertise in Critical Manufacturing Sector

Fortalice’s team of cyber security professionals has more than 30 years combined of research and testing of ICS and SCADA systems associated with the critical manufacturing sector. Our Fortalice team members have unique understanding of the cybersecurity and engineering of the SCADA systems that our nation’s critical infrastructure relies on to deliver essential services and functions.

critical manufacturing

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