Cyber Challenges for the Entertainment Sector

The entertainment sector encompasses everything from a movie theater to a musician’s music.  Today’s broadcast media production companies are facing an environment of enhanced formats, evolving platforms, faster processor speeds, and OTT delivery that allows for video to be watched on pretty much any device. These exponential technology advances have had a tremendous impact on the media industry.  With all of this innovative technology, comes those who would like to exploit it.  Think the Sony Entertainment breach.  A recent ScreenMedia report found that 28% of media organizations admit to having experienced a cyber attack of some type or another.  Not only are the company’s/artist’s webpages being attacked and defaced, but there are PoS intrusions, extortion cases, insider threat actors, web-app attacks that compromise credentials and manipulate funds, and exploitation of backdoor channels vulnerable to malware.

Regulatory Obligations and Industry Standards for the Entertainment Sector 

The media and entertainment industry has all the data security needs most businesses have, but it also maintains very sensitive data related to the financial and personal relationships between the organization and the people it works with to develop and distribute the creative product.

entertainment cyber security

Fortalice’s Expertise in the Entertainment Sector

A wide breadth of media entertainment companies across the country entrust the Fortalice team to provide their entertainment cyber security services. Our expertise is relied upon by media companies and television productions. Our steadfast support for these companies ranges from providing penetration testing, risk assessments, cyber intelligence assessments, forensics, incident response, and the design of secure technology infrastructures. While our cyber risk client engagements are short, once the relationship is established, our customers come back to us as long-term trusted advisors on the myriad of emerging cyber security issues that they face.

entertainment cyber security

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