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Cyber Challenges for the Food and Agriculture Sector

The National Cybersecurity Institute stated that the “Department of Homeland Security has labeled the food and agriculture industry as one of the 16 national critical infrastructures.” These infrastructures are always at a higher risk for attack than other sectors. In regards to the food and agriculture division, the issue lies with agro terrorism. Forbes defined agro terrorism as the “intentional contamination of the food supply with a goal of terrorizing the population and causing harm.” This works on two levels. The first being that hackers could infiltrate major supply chains and disrupt the transportation of goods where they are needed. This is dangerous because it could leave certain areas without food and beverages. The second level is that hackers could gain access to the programmable logic controllers that control the process of food irradiation. These bad actors could manipulate the amount of chemicals put into the food, causing widespread illness, and potentially, death.

Fortalice’s Expertise in the Food & Agriculture Sector

A wide breadth of food and agriculture companies across the country entrust the Fortalice team to provide their cyber security services. Our expertise is relied upon by grocery stores and food and beverage manufacturers. Our steadfast support for these food and agriculture companies ranges from providing penetration testing, risk assessments, cyber intelligence assessments, forensics, incident response, and the design of secure technology infrastructures. While our cyber risk client engagements are short, once the relationship is established, our customers come back to us as long-term trusted advisors on the myriad of emerging cyber security issues that they face.

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