December 22, 2017

Fortalice in the News


Cybersecurity was a hot topic in the media throughout 2017 as big-league hackers wreaked havoc again and again. As an authority government, business executives, and journalists turn to for all things cyber, Fortalice was in on the action and appeared in multiple blogs, articles and journals. Here are just a few of our favorite features:


1. Why incident response is the best cybersecurity ROI

In an article for CSO, Fortalice CEO Theresa Payton speaks about the value of fiscal planning and budgeting for Incident Response. “In some cases, the IR may take longer due to tight budgets,” says Payton, “however, these unexpected breaches can wreak havoc on a company’s bottom line”.


2. Mecklenburg County officials work to rebuild system following data hack / Theresa Payton: Mecklenburg County will not pay hackers ransom

After an employee fell prey to a phishing email scam, 48 Mecklenburg County servers were commandeered by cyber thieves and held for ransom. Fortalice has been working to aid in an investigation into the incident. Read Theresa’s take on what went wrong, what went right, and why she generally advises against paying hackers.


3. Why aren't there more women in cybersecurity?

Theresa Payton is an outspoken advocate for adding more women to the cybersecurity workforce. Read her take on the importance of tech mentorships for girls, and combatting media stereotypes. “We’re still using yesterday’s solutions, and if you’re still using yesterday’s solutions, you’re still using yesterday’s candidates,” says Payton.


4. An insider’s view on trends and techniques to help combat cyber threats

As a former White House Chief Information Officer, Theresa Payton specializes in identifying threats, and thinking like a cybercriminal in order to thwart attacks. Read her advice on how to assess risk, and formulate scrupulous cybersecurity defense and response plans.


5. Cybersecurity expert talks about internet safety at UB

Theresa Payton reflects on a few of the challenges and expectations she faced as the first female CIO of the United States White House, and what she’s learned since. She also offers a few basic tips for students to practice in order to protect themselves online.


6. Cybersecurity expert says system is ‘broken,’ needs to be fixed

According to former White House CIO Theresa Payton, cybersecurity in the United States is due for an overhaul. Here, you’ll find a quick review of the country’s largest hacks and how similar catastrophes can be avoided in the future.


7. From computer support to the White House: how Theresa Payton became one of cyber’s leading experts

From high school student to CEO, follow Theresa’s journey to becoming one of the top 50 influences in security and fire and read what she has to say about topics like biometric data, digital data collection and surveillance, anti-drone clothing, privacy laws, and more.


8. Three clues your app has been hacked

In an article she penned herself, Theresa Payton discusses the top three indicators your app has been hacked.


9. Former White House CIO: create a cyber roadblock

Theresa Payton discusses the perils of using public Wi-Fi, and how they can be avoided.


10. Former White House tech chief tells Iowans: “You must freeze your credit”

See a review of the keynote address Theresa Payton delivered at the Iowa Technology Summit, hosted by the Technology Association of Iowa, in downtown Des Moines.


The year 2017 has been a great one for the Fortalice team, filled with wonderful opportunities to stop cyberthieves in their tracks, and educate the public. We look forward to another year of protecting business, nations and people; and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!