July 11, 2017

Vince on the Radio

Vince Crisler, one of our partners at Federal News Radio to talk about the recent Fortalice, was on cyberattacks around the world. When asked about the growth and scale of cyberattacks, he responded saying that the amount of cyber attacks are definitely on the rise, and attackers have access to better and more sophisticated tools. He believes that an increase in patching and vulnerability management is paramount to mitigating the effects of an attack. He continues by saying that we have to start thinking of better approaches to help the smaller companies and government agencies out there because they are the ones that are more vulnerable. Larger companies have more resources at their discretion, so Vince explains that it is the smaller companies that do not have the time or the money to be able to constantly patch their systems. Overall, Vince’s three pieces of advice to federal agencies and private companies are:

1. Pay attention to vulnerability and patch management.

2. Pay attention to network segmentation.

3. Pay attention to the larger research community because there is great advice and information out there.