February 2, 2017

Hunted Recap Episode 2-3

“Snitches Get Stitches”

Did you catch the first Episode of Hunted?  What did you think?

I am the Deputy Commander of Intel and my team is made up of the best of the best cyber and intel investigators.  Fortalice Solutions’ very own Charles DeBarber and Landon Stewart are also members of the team, while the rest of the Intelligence team hails from NSA, CIA, US Army, US Coast Guard, Naval Intelligence and Law Enforcement.

During episode one we had three teams goes on the run. Here is a quick status update Hunters vs. Fugitives. Warning: if you haven’t seen the season premiere, spoilers are ahead!

Hunters: 1. Fugitives: 2.

We enter Episodes 2 & 3 with the following status:

TEAM 1: David and Emiley: Still on the run.

TEAM 2: Angela and Michele: Still on the run.

TEAM 3: Matt and Christina: Captured.


David and Emiley

It was a tough time for Team Foxtrot. We didn’t have a clue that David and Emiley had hidden in the trunk of a car.  

When we received Intel that David had rented a car, Andy, Operations Surpervisor, was suspicious and asked if David signed the rental agreement himself. David had not signed it.  That was a red flag that this move could’ve been a ruse, but the Hunters were at a dead end and it was the only Intel we had.  We send  Team Alpha to the rental car office.   In the end, it was a tough day in the Command Center, as we learned that David had played this as a ruse and won.  

At this point I was convinced that Emiley was going to reach out to her mom -- so I asked  the Intel team to watch all land lines and cell phones that her mom might use.  In the meantime, Team Alpha heads out to visit Emiley’s parents in Alabama and it confirms my suspicion that they are talking.

So far, David and Emiley have been formidable adversaries. Will the Hunt teams catch David and Emiley?  When will they make another mistake that leads us to them?   

Angela and Michele

During this episode, I learned for the first time how they did their handoffs and stayed undetected -- and I must say, it was very well played.  Working with Intelligence Analyst, Connie Min, we tracked down Angela’s daughter, who revealed information about a good friend named Robin.  I asked Connie and Cyber Analyst, Myke Cole to track Robin’s patterns, whereabouts and more. We gathered intelligence on Robin and decided to make her a top priority.  

Enter Team Echo: They found a neighbor, who ends up telling the team a lot about Robin and suspicious activity at her house, ultimately matching our fugitives Angela and Michele.  Team Echo then asks for permission to set up surveillance from the neighbor’s house and we get our lucky break. Robin’s car pulls into her garage and as the door goes down, three pairs of female legs, get out of the vehicle.  

Before the Hunters can grab them at Robins’ house, the ladies manage to sneak out to their friend’s salon. Because we had been monitoring the phone lines of the people of interest, we intercept Robin’s phone and hear of their plan.  My team gets to work to find satellite maps of the area and the business so we can send Lenny’s ground hunters over to the salon. The ladies spot the Hunters and rather than stay in hiding, they decide to make a run for it and are tagged by Team Echo.

Awesome!  Yet we have so much more work to do.

Lee and Hilmar

Team Alpha goes to the last known location for Lee and Hilmar and are greeted with a note, whiskey and devices purposely left behind.  

Here, we see how Lee plans out a classic spy technique. He creates a new email account, but rather than sending emails, he saves them as drafts and sends the log-in (via snail mail) to his family and friends. By logging in this way, Lee and Hilmar’s friends can read their email without the risk of getting caught online.   That only went so far -- we soon learn about the letters that they had sent.  Some of the recipients’ names we knew, and some were new.  This gave us new intel.  Buck and Griff break the news to Lee’s wife, Beth, that we know about the letters.  Our hope is that this will force them to use the grid more so we can catch them.

Troy and Chele

I had no idea until I watched the show what Troy and Chele put themselves through.  They completely roughed it in the woods on theFlorida trails.   Troy and Chele gave us the slip for several days, so I requested permission to flip their Facebook pages to WANTED posters.  Candidly, I didn’t think anyone would rat them out. WhatI was looking for was their good friends to tell others the WANTED poster was a hoax, providing me with new names that I hadn’t seen before.  Chances are if a person cares enough to track and comment, that person might be helping them.

One person that comments on the Facebook WANTED poster is Amanda, an old friend of Chele’s, so we track her and send Team Bravo out to see what she knows.  We happened to do this on the same day that Amanda picked Troy and Chele  up from the woods. Amanda and her family are stand offish when Team Bravo arrives and it raises a lot of suspicions. o Team Bravo decides to  surveil the full property. In doing so, they spot the husband on an ATV and realize he might be helping Troy and Chele. Troy and Chele are then y spotted  lying in the grass and their time is up! Troy and Chele evaded capture for 18 days.  

Aarif and Immad

We could tell by our research in the Intel group that Aarif and Immad would stay off the grid. And when they did plug in using their burner phones and an anonymizer that hid their tracks, they would be hard to detect.  Intelligence Analyst, Zaira Pirzada requested this case and did an amazing job laying out the intel groundwork.  Aarif and Immad are running during Ramadan, so she thought about whether or not they’d attend evening prayers and staying at various mosques each night.  

On the show I learned that our hunch was right, Aarif and Immad were using encrypted apps.  

Our lucky break came with Fortalice employee and Hunted Intel Analyst, Charles, who discovered  Aarif’s deleted texts and all of his contacts.  We now have a whole new set of names and phone numbers to begin tracking.

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