February 8, 2017

Hunted Recap Episode 4: Operation Cupids Revenge

Did you catch, "Operation Cupid's Revenge"?  In this episode, Fortalice Solutions’ Charles DeBarber and the Intel and Cyber teams flip the online dating profile of Will and Miles in an attempt to lure the two fugitives out of hiding.  

Aarif & Immad

Saavy about their cyber footprint, these two mainly use encrypted apps and try to stay off the grid and use their friend, Meadow’s network to coordinate. The Hunters interview another friend, Jill Brown, to see what they can learn about Aarif and Immad. We think Jill is key, so we decide to track her phone. Aarif and Immad had already moved on and borrowed a camper and kayak from the people they were staying with.  

Lee & Hilmar

In order to minimize their cyber footprint, this team sends old school letters to the people in their circle of trust, instructing them to communicate via the Draft box in their email. However, the mail covers we requested paid off! Mail covers are a law enforcement investigative technique in which the United States Postal Service, acting at the request of the law enforcement, records information from the outside of letters before they’re delivered. Buck and Griff called Lee’s wife to let her know that we “knew about the letters” to shake their tree and try to force them to connect to the grid. Lee’s wife accidentally pocket dialed Buck and Griff. The recording is muffled, but we get enough clues to know we are forcing them to create a new plan.  

Sentra & Thu

Several leads come in to aid the Intel team! This duo took off for Florida to stay with their friends. In the Command Center, we had put in a subpoena in the area for surveillance cameras, and tracked them down buying a burner phone. We then requested store receipts and were able to retrieve the burner phones’ numbers. We plugged those numbers into our cell tracking database and received a match!  We discovered that Sentra and Thu called their friends in Florida. We traced the call to Thu’s friend, Rob, and sent ground Hunters to his house. This could be the break we needed! In the meantime, when the ladies stopped to get gas, they noticed security cameras everywhere -- so they specifically drove and parked in a way that the Hunters couldn’t grab their license plates. We knew the type of car they were driving, but not the plate.  

Will & Miles

This is a case where the fugitives stayed completely off the grid and did not use their circle of trust. Will and Miles made it 15 days by mostly hanging out with strangers. We had guessed early on they would be at the coastal areas and Intel devised a scheme, led by Charles, to turn Will and Miles’ laptops into “slave machines.” They did this by logging into dating apps and flipping their personal dating profiles into “wanted” posters. By relying on strangers, Will and Miles ran out of luck and trusted the wrong group, who ended up turning them in for a cash reward. The “wanted” poster gave us the lead we needed to send the ground Hunters to the right area. We needed additional data to pinpoint their whereabouts and deployed a drone over the docks and water area. We spotted Will and Miles and were able to apprehend them after a boat chase.  

Worried about who is looking over your shoulder?  We have the Fortalice Fix:

  1. Consider using encrypted apps such as Threema or Signal.

  2. Avoid using free WiFi. But if you must, consider using a VPN app, like Disconnect, to protect your traffic.

  3. For sensitive transactions with your bank or health insurance providers, use an email address that’s unique to those communications and not tied to your social media accounts.

I am the Deputy Commander of Intel and my team is made up of the best of the best cyber and intel investigators. This episode highlighted some of the fabulous brains and skills of Fortalice Solutions’ very own Charles DeBarber and Landon Stewart as well as the great case work by Connie, Zaira, Ben, and Betty.  

For a sneak preview of the next episode on Wednesday, February 8, check out Fight, Flight or Freeze.

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