April 2, 2018

Working with Law Enforcement to Fight Cybercrime

One of our company's core missions is to work closely with law enforcement within the US and internationally to combat cybercrime. We are fortunate to have great partnerships with local, state and federal agencies whose mission aligns with ours - to protect businesses, Nations and people from the devastation of cybercrime. 

Late last year, our CEO, Theresa Payton, spoke at the US Chamber of Commerce's Sixth Annual Cybersecurity Summit. It was a full day of discussion with experts across all disciplines within cyber. As a result of the Summit and in light of the Chamber's continued work in cybersecurity, they published a white paper entitled, Partnering with Law Enforcement to Combat Cybercrime, which features great advice from Theresa.

“The best time to engage law enforcement is before you have a digital disaster. Often times the first time a company is meeting their FBI cyber team is when they are knocking at their door to notify them their company is a victim of a data breach. Work early and often with law enforcement, they can often be another layer of offense alerting you to digital break-ins occurring across the globe and can provide practical steps to avoid becoming the next victim,” said Theresa Payton, Former White House CIO and CEO of Fortalice Solutions.

Fortalice partners with companies of all sizes across every major industry vertical to prevent and recover from cyber attack. Contact us at watchmen@fortalicesolutions.com to learn more. 

You can read the full white paper here: https://www.uschamber.com/law-enforcement-cybercrime-partnerships