We Protect People,
Business and Nations

At Fortalice,
your cyber security comes first.

Our approach is deceptively simple.
We outthink and outmaneuver.

We deliver analysis, training, action,
transparency and creative problem solving...

to keep what matters
most to you safe.

We are a team of cybercrime fighters

Dark Cubed
The cyber security marketplace is broken. Buy more hardware. Buy more software. Hire more analysts. Repeat. That's the formula for cyber security. It's not working. The Dark Cubed Cyber Security Platform delivers enterprise-grade capability without impossible investment or armies of analysts. Learn More

Red Ninjas
Fortalice brings proactive and innovative security intelligence to threat investigations and reputation management to deliver even greater protection and further reduce personal and organizational risk.

Small/Medium Business Services 
The headlines usually cover data breaches of high-profile companies. Yet, everyone is a target and breaches happen to companies large and small — our service is built to give you the top notch talent that the Fortune 50 has access to but at a budget you can afford.

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